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The OWC Jellyfish is our shared storage solution, born from our need to create, collaborate & go fast.


OWC Jellyfish Studio

Perfect for video teams on the go or creative teams of four to six team members editing 4K video.

  • Intel Xeon CPU

  • 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM

  • 12 x High-performance SATA SSD

  • 24TB - 180TB Raw SSD Storage

  • 3500MB/s Aggregate Speed

  • 2 x 10GbE Ports Included

  • Up to 14 x Direct Connected Users, or Use a Switch

  • Whisper Quiet


OWC Jellyfish Tower

Perfect for growing video teams that need more storage or performance than a OWC Jellyfish Mobile.

  • Dual CPU

  • 80TB - 240TB of Raw Storage

  • Expand up to 480TB

  • 4200MB/s Aggregate Read Speed

  • 256GB of RAM

  • 2TB of Read Cache

  • 4TB Dedicated Project/Cache NVMe Pool

  • 1/10/25GbE Capable

  • Whisper Quiet


OWC Jellyfish Nomad

Perfect for on-the-go editing teams, mobile broadcasters, and DITs that need high reliability, high portability, and NVMe performance.

  • Intel Xeon CPU

  • 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM

  • 2 x U.2 NVMe Shuttles

  • 16TB, 32TB, or 64TB Raw NVMe Storage

  • 6000MB/s Aggregate Speed

  • 6 x 10GbE Ports Included

  • Ultra Portable / Approved for Carry-on Luggage

  • Whisper Quiet

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 18.29.58.png
Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 18.31.43.png
Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 18.31.14.png
Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 18.32.09.png
Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 18.32.32.png

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